Installing a custom vinyl skin on the SP-404 SX / SP-404 A / SP-404MK2

Hello, please check out this tutorial before you install the skin:

Please remove protective paper layer from the back of the skin and place skin on table with glue side up! After you apply the soapwater on the glue side of the PEELED skin it will temporarily prevent the glue from sticking to the faceplate. DON’T PANIC THIS IS COMPLETELY NORMAL! It will allow you to easily slide the sticker in its place and rub water or air bubbles from between skin and faceplate.

Doublecheck in front of a lamp to see if everything is properly lined out:

When the soapwater dries out the skin will start to stick more and to the faceplate, so it is best you remove ALL bubbles BEFORE the glue sets. If you don’t they will be trapped between skin and faceplate FOREVER.

Thanks for the support & have fun customising..

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